Students say Julie is redefining yoga…

Students say Julie is redefining yoga...

"Julie's yoga instruction starts with an infectious love of the practice that shines out to her students. Every class with Julie is a trip that's light in spirit, yet asks students to intensify their practice internally. Thanks to her expertise, humor, and attention to detail, I know my time on the mat will be enlightening, rigorous, and seriously fun" - K. Wolfe

The Goddess Sessions, Fall 2015…


Practice asana, mantra, meditation, and learn the myths of Devi, which means "shining One". Each goddess is a cause and means to spiritual activation, and can open the door to deeper perception of self power for deep transformation. Join me this Fall at Bend and Bloom!


Winter Retreat information, coming soon!

Julie leads adventure getaways that incorporate yoga, meditation, and mindful recalibration while embedded in some of the most beautiful places in nature on the planet. Dates and location coming soon!

Shaktiyoga Align+Flow 300 hour Teacher Training

300 hour Shaktiyoga Align+Flow Teacher Training

Up-level your teaching skills and creativity in this comprehensive and packed 300 hour advanced Teacher Training. Dates coming for 2016-2017.

Audio Classes with Julie

Audio classes with Julie!

"Julie's unique mix of spirituality, authenticity, and challenging yoga make her podcast classes fun and invigorating. Her podcasts give me insight and a practice I can use on and off the mat, and since they're recorded in a real class with other students I feel like I'm not practicing alone. They're excellent if you can't get to a class" - A. Jaffee